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Supply of plastic wood composite doors in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

Naviwood - Vietnam's leading composite plastic door manufacturer

Currently we have a distribution system throughout the provinces and cities nationwide

Naviwood plastic composite wood doors: Elegant and luxurious

Naviwood doors are suitable for all buildings such as hotel doors, apartment doors, bedroom doors, toilet doors, office doors ...

Door is 45mm thick, thicker than other doors: More luxurious and more classy


* WATERPROOF: 100% water resistant, weather resistant outdoor

* NO toxic formaldehyde like other normal plastic doors

* NO termite

* DO NOT crack, NOT warp, DO NOT periodically repair like natural wooden doors

NO FIRE: The door is non-flammable and does not burn like normal wooden doors or other industrial wooden doors

* Sturdy door frame designed in monolithic.

* Good sound insulation with high quality rubber system

* Good thermal insulation (low thermal conductivity chamber design)

* Environmentally friendly (not using natural wood) and user friendly

* Easy and fast installation

* Suitable for many types of locks such as magnetic lock, fingerprint lock, hand lock, round lock ...

* Nice design, high durability over 20 years and safe to use.

Plastic wood doors are the latest product and a trend to use in the future to replace natural wood, contributing to environmental protection.

- Top selling products

Wood composite plastic Naviwood construction


Door frame is 45mm x 5.5mm thick

Frame cover: 125x42mm

Smart splint: 60x80mm

Glass 8mmCL x 100x600mm

SUS304 stainless steel hinge: 125mm (larger than other common hinges)

Common size: 900x2200 (810 x 2150 feng shui size)


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