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Naviwood plastic wood door factory in Ho Chi Minh City

Naviwood plastic wood door factory in Ho Chi Minh City

Our company is a pioneer in manufacturing composite plastic doors in Vietnam. Naviwood plastic doors (WPC) are manufactured on the most modern and advanced technology lines today.

Naviwood door has perfect quality, sophisticated design on every detail, variety of designs and colors. Naviwood door is waterproof (water resistant 100%), no termite, no cracking, no mold, no toxic substance, no fire, no periodic paint ...

Naviwood door products are recommended by experts and architects for using environmentally friendly green materials.

Employees are professionally trained by leading experts. We are confident to supply high quality products with high aesthetics and meet all progress requirements.

Naviwood doors are suitable for all buildings such as hotel doors, apartment doors, bedroom doors, toilet doors, office doors ...

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Synchronous machinery

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